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Welcome to Chiangmai Handicraft The best store of an Handicraft product selection in Chiang Mai Thailand

Gate a way to your door ... !!!

Thailand is famous for its handicrafts, and you’ve come to the right place to require stock for your business, weather you are retail/wholesale or looking to furnish your home we have the products.. There are several areas near Chiang Mai which have a tradition of producing many quality items.

The local crafts people are very skilled and their unique creative processes are passed down through many generations. They take pride in their work and produce excellent quality at very good prices.

We are the Thailand agent specializing in the  export and import of Thai products. We provide you with an unique collection of Thai products. We have flatware indoor outdoor rustic, paper products, bamboo, lamps, Buddha images, cutlery and furnitures.

Quality control
We pride ourselves in quality control. I have plenty of experience with the inspection of products, rest assured you will get quality goods. We will write down detailed notes of the designs and colors that you require and make sure there are no errors in the production.

My service 3-5 day stay is recommended for a detailed search for products. I will pick you up each day and we will visit the places according to you needs . Usually the manufacturers require a deposit of 30%,the rest is payable when shipment is ready. We will take care of all the arrangements for you.

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